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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Georgia Appeals Election Day

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If you haven’t already done so, please vote in today’s election. Polls close at 7:00 p.m. this evening. I voted at 8:00 a.m. this morning, and the woman at my precinct told me that I was only the fifth voter to darken their doors. This is a very important election, and much is at stake…. Continue Reading

So, About the Rest of My Ballot for Georgia Appeals Seats

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I recently wrote about my decision to vote for Justice Nahmias over challenger Tammy Lynn Adkins. That post was picked up by Aly Palmer on the ATL Law Blog, the blog of the Fulton Daily Report. The post has generated thoughtful emails to me about the election. I hope that you’ll research the candidates yourselves… Continue Reading

Georgia Supreme Court Establishes Constitutional Right to Interpreter

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I’m not just posting about Ling v. Georgia (PDF) because I’m her criminal appeals lawyer. Although it is pretty nice to have lost a motion for new trial and an appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeal and ultimely win in the Supreme Court on cert. while helping to secure a new substantive new substantive… Continue Reading

My Talk at the State Bar General Counsel’s Office on the Georgia Appeals Process

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Yesterday, I was honored to be the guest of the State Bar of Georgia General Counsel’s office for their in-office CLE. The Office of the General Counsel is the group at the State Bar of Georgia who, among other things, that deals with bar complaints and attorney discipline.  I was one of two speakers for… Continue Reading

Georgia Supreme Court Runoff: Weighing Philosophy Against Qualifications

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Justice David Nahmias is picking up endorsement from both sides of the political aisle. Bill Rankin, at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Gov.-elect Nathan Deal and Mayor Shirley Franklin have pledged their support to Justice Nahmias. Mr. Rankin also reports that Republican Attorney General-elect Sam Olens and Ken Hodges, the recently defeated Democratic nominee for… Continue Reading

How Your Brief Looks is Nearly as Important as What You Say

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Design is an important part of brief writing. And the font and layout you choose will have an impact on how the Court receives your brief. It certainly shapes how I feel about writing the brief and submitting it. I cannot see the Courier New Font without thinking of the research, writing, and advocacy in… Continue Reading

New Georgia Conflict Opinion: A Criminal Appeals Lawyer’s Dream

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The new advisory opinion (PDF Page 92) for the handling of conflict cases for the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council was the talk of the recent Fall Seminar (PDF) for the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. This issue has been divisive among the criminal defense bar. GACDL has not weighed in as amicus counsel in litigation involving… Continue Reading

The Curious Way the Media is Covering Georgia Judicial Run-Offs

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As I mentioned in a previous post, there are two run-offs for Georgia appellate seats — one for the Georgia Court of Appeals and one for the Supreme Court of Georgia. According to the Atlanta Law Blog, the Blog for the Fulton Daily Report, there are many judicial seats that will be decided by a… Continue Reading

Managing Client Expectations in Georgia Appeals Law

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Today, I received a thank you note from a client whose case I just successfully closed. The case resulted in a negotiated plea to probation. The case had its ups and downs, and the result was quite great. The gratitude was genuine and the praise was effusive. And, as I sit to write this post,… Continue Reading

The Importance of Managing Anger in the Practice of Law

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Anger is not a good mix with the practice of law. Yet, law is a profession that puts the practitioner in a position where things could make him angry all the time. Litigation, even appellate litigation, is a business of fighting and arguing. Ideally, it’s done in a very scholarly collegial way. Arguing in real… Continue Reading

Two Georgia Appeals Seats Headed to a Runoff

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There will be two run-offs for Georgia appellate seats. Justice David Nahmias, who was appointed to finish the term of Justice Leah Sears, won 48.2% of the votes. He will be in a run-off against Tammy Lynn Adkins, who achieved 35.2% of the vote in spite of the fact that she did not run a… Continue Reading

4 Great Non-Law Blogs that Help My Appellate Practice

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There are some great law blogs out there, and I read many of them daily. But there are also some important blogs that are not intended for lawyers that help to make me a better lawyer. I think that these blogs will help you, too, no matter what your legal specialty is.   Presentation Zen… Continue Reading

New Appointee to Georgia Court of Appeals: “Stare Decisis is fo’ Suckas”

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The Georgia governor appointed two new members of the Georgia Court of Appeals. Keith Blackwell is a native of Cherokee County, Georgia, a former assistant district attorney in Cobb County, Georgia, and a fomer clerk to Judge J.L. Edmondson of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. His term will last through 2012. Also appointed was… Continue Reading