The Huffington Post reports that Rob Teilhet, a democratic candidate running for Georgia state attorney general is about to unroll a controversial ad accusing his primary opponent and elected district attorney from Albany, Georgia, that allowed a police officer to go free for the murder of Kenneth Walker.

The ad features Mr. Walker’s mother narrating the videotape of the shooting death, and she begins “You are seeing the last minute of my son’s life. He was in a car that was pulled over by mistake. He was lying on the ground unarmed when a police officer shot him twice, in the head. But the officer got off, because Ken Hodges, forgot to swear him in, tried to hide the video, and then refused to reopen the case.” She ends by saying “Mr. Hodges should not be our next attorney general.”



If Mr. Hodges were running for the Republic ticket or if he reaches the general election, I wonder if he’ll consider running the ad himself to court the Georgia Republican vote.