As I predicted a few days ago, the Attorney General race has made a decidedly ugly turn. Mr. Hodges has responded with an attack ad of his own, referring to the fact that a newspaper (check out the source: it’s Creative Loafing, available on the news-stand outside your local head shop or artsy pizza joint) awarded Rob Teilhet the Golden Sleaze Award

The ad goes on to credit Mr. Hodges for locking up every criminal who ever thought of walking onto a Georgia street and stops just short of crediting Ken Hodges in advance for entering the caves of Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden. He will continue on this theme in an ad to debut in the near future.

If the campaign for the job is going like this, one wonders what nice appellate lawyers have to look forward to in future briefs and oral arguments at the Georgia Supreme Court. Also, I wonder if these guys battling it out for the Democratic nomination for Georgia Attorney General realize that we’re basically a one-party state.