Over at Fault Lines, Andrew Fleischman has an article on Paulding DA Dick Donovan’s Facebook post. Jim Galloway at the Atlanta Journal noticed it, too. The post was a “eulogy for white Judeo-Christian men.” It was really quite jarring to read, particularly by a person who has extraordinary power to prosecute people and even seek the death penalty in certain cases. A day ago, I would have just thought it the demise of his career at best or mere anachronistic rant speak at worst. Then the election results came in, and I see that he’s very much mainstream. Particularly here in Georgia. And his¬†eulogy may have been a bit premature. Turns out that the “white guys” and all he envision in conjuring such an identity, are alive and well.

I, it turns out, am the outlier.

Carry on, Mr. Donovan. Carry on.