I almost never work in my office. The office is mainly a place to meet a client for the first time or a week or so before court. It is also the place where I retrieve mail that will be scanned into our system. My actual office is in my briefcase. I sprawl the contents of this office on tables in various courtroom law libraries or coffee shops throughout the state. Today is a prime example. I finished up a case this morning that required a court appearance. With the court appearance complete, I went to the closest coffee shop, where I called opposing counsel on a case tomorrow. But the real fun was in the written work I completed today. I work with an associate. She doesn’t even come to the office and works almost entirely remotely. We meet in person every week or two. But today I received an edited version of an amended motion for new trial that she reviewed for me. And I worked on editing an amended for new trial she prepared. We both work in the Apple universe, each with MacBooks and the big iPad pros. It’s a process that works great and one I’ll explain more in future blog posts.